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2017 General Assembly and Summary Conference


In the morning of 4 Feb, Furuise held the General Assembly and Summary Conference for the year 2017. About 200 persons including the President Mr. Wu Pinfang, General Manager Mr. Huang Feng, managers and core staff from each subsidiary companies as well as the advanced representatives of year 2016 attended this conference. General Manager Mr. Huang Feng addressed the summary of 2016 and the plan of 2017 which has reviewed the main business summary in 2016 pointing out that the management mode of the new organization and high efficient administration has been formalized; the sales volume has grown up steadily through the new technology and new products. It is required by Mr. Huang that all the subsidiary companies shall stick to the target, plan in advance and well, execute as planned. In 2017, the market will refresh gradually both home and abroad, all the employees shall work together striving to complete the business targets to realize the personal value and the company value. Afterwards, the annual good employees were awarded by the company. At this conference, all the subsidiary companies signed the achievement goal agreements with the headquarter. 

Lastly, President Mr. Wu Pinfang addressed the topic of the expectation and arrangement of the strategic goals of 2017. Mr. Wu pointed out that all subsidiary companies shall gurantee the return earnings through the new partnership mechanism to adjust the industry structure, innovation and development of the product modes which can make a good basis for the steady development in the future 3 years. In the new year, all Furuise employees shall stick to the three strategies, do all your best, dig all your potentials, make use of all your advantages to strive to reach the billions Furuise during the 13th 5-year plan.

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