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LNG marine tank, Cleansky, and Speed tank gas supply system.
Product Details

 Marine fuel tank

Currently, our company supplies two types of marine fuel tanks

Seagoing vessel fuel tanks include: 45 m3, 53 m3, 90 m3, 111.5 m3, 150 m3, 180 m3, 228 m3, 230 m3, 440 m3 and etc;

Inland river marine tanks include: 5 m3, 10 m3, 15 m3.

Function of the LNG Speed Tank system

It is a gas supply system integrated with a small scale tank, pressure boosting unit, vaporizer, pressure regulating and metering system (with IC card controller), Odorization system, leakage warning system, remote control system.

Features of the LNG Speed Tank system

Less area covered, easy installation, and continuous gas supply improves the business efficiency quite a lot. Besides, the gas is more purified with good quality. Combined with the IC card system and the remote control system (GPRS), it can monitor the gas consumption and pressure variation to prevent from the safety risks, and meanwhile it can also adjust the liquid filling more reasonably to lower the cost. The Speed Tank system has been recognized rapidly by the market because it is fast and convenient for gas supply and it is quite efficient. 

Application of LNG Speed Tank system

It is mainly applied for the heating in the accommodation areas, hotels, business centers, small scale boilers, livestock-raising industry and so on where no gas pipelines are constructed. 

Clean Sky System


Easy for installation and less area taken. Cleansky can be filled in LNG with the LNG semi-trailer. The control system is installed inside a converted standard container and the tare weight is only 14 tons. 

The pump is connected with the vessel as integrated and the liquid inside the submerged pump can keep the pump under the cold condition to start at any time. 

The Cleansky can be converted to an island station combined with a petro station in a shorter period with low cost, and it is safe and convenient. 


The technical process includes: liquid loading, filling and pressure boosting. 

Truck offloading process

by pump: Liquid is offloaded with the LNG cryogenic submerged pump installed inside the container.

By pressure differential: LNG is gasified through the PBU and flows back to the trailer to increase the pressure inside the truck to offload LNG.

Liquid filling process:

When the vehicle is filled with liquid, connect the LNG filling nozzle with the inlet nozzle of the cylinder of the vehicle and control the inner pressure of the tank to transport LNG into the cryogenic submerged pump. The volume of LNG transported via the pump is controlled through the metering system and the liquid filled is metered by the flow meter. The volume and price is displayed on the control panel. Please note that make sure the inlet valve of the pump sump and the gas return valve are open before liquid is filled. 

Pressure regulating process

Fix the filling adaptors on the inlet pipe and connect the filling gun with the filling nozzle. Start the cryogenic pump until the pipe pressure reaches the set working pressure. This process realizes the automatic saturation function which can increase the LNG temperature to increase the tank pressure. Or open the pressure boosting stop valve and liquid goes into the PBU and the tank pressure can be increased by the gas returned.


Productv Dimen(sionlength*width*height) Operational weight (Kg) Equipment  Filling ratio Outline size (mm)
Cleansky gas supply system 23100*3100*3750 50000 60m³ 0.9 External length, diameter
14900*2438*2896 28000 30m³ 0.9 External length, diameter

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