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Development History
Feb 2017, new edition of the company website launched.

In 2016, Zhangjiagang Furui Hydrogen Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd was established in order to take the market opportunity of the hydrogen energy application; fully make use of the abundant experience accumulated in the equipment research and development as well as manufacturing and create the first-strike advantage and core competitiveness in the hydrogen energy equipment industry. Meanwhile, the company organization has been adjusted by shifting to the mode of holding company and the subsidiary companies from the original mode of departments.

In 24 July 2015, the streamlined automatic production system was brought into the manufacturing of the cryogenic valves in Furuise.

In 17 Oct 2015. Hand in hand with IBM, LNGTOP set up the IOT Innovation Center of LNG/Remanufacturing industry to enter the Era of Big Data of clean energy.

In 13 Oct 2014, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress Mr. Luo Zhijun visited Furiuse.

In 27 Sep 2014, Furuise interpreted the inspection and test service industry mode of LNG vehicle cylinder.

In 12 July 2014, Furuise entered the hydrogen energy equipment industry by signing the cooperative agreement of investment in Jiangsu 氢阳with China University of Geosciences, Cheng Hansong, and Zhangjiagang Hydrogen Power New Energy Co.,Ltd.

In 1 July 2014, Furuise attened the supplier conference organized by TOTAL France where Furuise was awarded with the certificate of “TOTAL approved supplier” which approved to be the product supplier for the carbon steel, stainless steel products, heat exchangers and so on.

In May 2014, Furuise’s registered capital was increased to USD 19,800,000.

In April 2014, OCT Welding Robot from Japan was introduced to the cylinder department of Furuise who was the first enterprise in the industry to manufacturing by robots. The production efficiency of the same product has risen up 200% to 300% because of the high accuracy of the robots.

In April 2014, Zhangjiagang Funnett New Energy Intelligent System Integration Co., Ltd was set up jointly by Zhangjiagng Furui Special Equipment Co.,Ltd and Bennett Overseas Ventures with a registered capital of USD 5 million and the total investment amount of USD 12 million.

In 28 Feb 2014, Zhangjiagang Heavy Equipment Co.,Ltd started construction.

In Aug 2013, Furuise celebrated its 10th anniversary.

In July 2013, Furuise was awarded with the most valuable 20 enterprises in the second-board of the stock market of the year 2012.

In April 2013, Furuise attended the LNG17 as its first step in the world.

In April 2013. Zhangjiagang Furui Distribution energy research institute was set up.

In Sep 2012, Zhangjiagang Shouchuang Clean Energy Aotomobile Application Co.,Ltd was established. Meanwhile, Furuise’s sale volume touched 1 billion RMB for the first time through the hard-working of all the staff. The company grew bigger, and the achievement was realized which brought great values to the share holders and the employees.

In August 2012, Deputy Director of National Development and Reform Commission Mr. Xie Zhenhua visited Furuise and inspected the engine remanufacturing pilot project. It is the symbol that Furuise officially led it step to the engine remanufacturing industry.

In June 2011, after over three years of scandalized operation and the sustainable growth of the sales volume, Furuise wend on public on the second-board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the registered capital of USD 9,852,000. Stock: Furuise; Stock number: 300228. By taking the chance of the great development of the LNG equipment industry in China, and maintaining a firm attitude of the great confidence with the future sustainable development of cryogenic equipment industry, Furuise, as the new energy equipment manufacturer, has grown to a public listed company from a small-scale private company.

In June 2010, Jiangsu Xinjie New Energy Co.,Ltd was established partially invested by Furuise.

In June 2009, Furuise has successfully completed with the research, development, design, fabrication and delivery of the national 863 High-Tech Project of LNG skid-based refueling station which marked the leading position of Furuise in the LNG cryogenic equipment manufacturing industry; which also brought the directive concept of the implementation and execution of the set-up the guidance, compiling the standard and making the business mode.

In Feb 2009, the first set of self designed LNG marine fueling system was delivered by Zhangjiagang Hanjung CIT Co., Ltd.

In Oct 2008, the first batch of sea water desalination project was successfully delivered and exported

In July 2008, Furuise became a share-issuing enterprise after reformation which optimized the enterprise organization and standardized the internal administration gradually. In order to be awarded with the IPO financing rapidly, Furuise has insisted on the direction of the development in the LNG cryogenic equipment industry and heavy equipment industry and the registered capital was increased to USD 7,340,000 in this year.

In Dec 2007, Furuise acquired Zhangjiagang Huarui Technology Co.,Ltd and its registered capital was increased to USD 2,940,000.

In Feb 2007, the first LNG duel fuel vehicle was produced in Furuise.

In Oct 2006, Furuise started the C6 system as the internet administration platform to realize the information and resource sharing and in-time communication inside the company.

In June 2006, Zhangjiagang Hanjung CIT Co.,Ltd was established which brought great advantages in the cryogenicn equipment industry for Furuise by extending the scope of production from the valves, heavy equipments, cylinders to the design and manufacturing of semi-trailers, ISO tank containers as well as the other cryogenic storage and transportation equipments.

In October 2005, the first cylinder was produced in Furui.

In April 2004, the first phase of the construction of the new factory covering an area of 64602 square meters was completed. At that time, the workshop was less than 10,000 square meters with less than 100 employees. Through the hard working of the first generation of Furuise staff, the first cryogenic valve was produced and tested successfully and the first batch of the heavy equipments for Basf project was successfully delivered both of which created a new chapter of the Huarui cryogenic valve and Furui pressure vessel manufacturing.

In May 2003, Zhangjiagang Huarui Technology Co.,Ltd was registered in the science and technological center of Zhangjiagang with a registered capital of USD 1,176,000 which was the predecessor of Furuise. In Aug 2003, Zhangjiagang Huarui Boiler Vessel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established.

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