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In 2016, the equipment measurement department and the construction department were combined to form a new equipment department which had improved the working efficiency quite a lot. The business and technological skills have also improved quite a lot. The first important work for the equipment department is the marine cargo tank project launched at the beginning of 2016. At the beginning, they were not so familiar with the technology in this field and they were facing a lot of difficulties and undertook great pressure because of the limited delivery time, however, during the project progress, through the good arrangement and strict monitoring, their skills had been improved and they successfully completed the task. At the final stage of certification, due to the demanding requirements by the government, all the documentation was corrected, modified for several times. With the proper communication, finally, the certificate was granted in Dec 2016. By now, the marine project was a complete success. 



Looking back to 2016, Heavy Equipment employees had a good harvest with joy and achievements. 

 All employees are united as one and strive to work at the front line. They work at the 40 meters high place to check and clean the rubbish; they work at the sewage which is 5 to 6 meters underground to check and do the maintenance.


From the oily machines to the automatic control system, from pipe repairing and maintenance under the extreme cold weather to the pitch pavement on the road under the extreme hot weather; 

No matter cold or hot, the employees do not care about the work scope, neither about the personal loss; they work and fight where they are needed. In the past year, because of them who work at the front line, the enterprise can operate well. We are proud of them and because of them, the company becomes more splendid. 

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