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development benefits society, dreams creat the future

Arises above Furuise is a bright moon, bring us together at this very moment.


A bright moon hanging in the sky, great wishes for the middle-autumn day holiday. We welcome the middle-autumn day holiday again. At this special moment, we would like to extend our great gratitude and best wished to all the employees, cooperative partners, friends, clients and those families behind. Wish you happy middle-autumn day holiday. 

Past efforts build today’s Furuise, while Furuise’s today is the start of tomorrow. Furuise will face more opportunities and challenges. We sincerely hope that all the employees of Furuise could understand and support Furuise all the time to experience the difficulties together. We will have great harvest hand in hand. 

All the employees of Furuise will work much harder, hold the dreams in heart, keep improving, and be committed to the service for the clients to realize the win-win for the company, clients and employees. 


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