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Furuise: to be the pioneer in the “internet+clean energy LNG industry” of China


Furuise is the leading enterprise of the clean energy equipment in China which is specialized in the supply of the integrated LNG chain equipments. Currently, Furuise has realized the manufacturing capability of the LNG liquefaction, transportation, storage, LNG vehicle refueling station, LNG vehicle and marine as well as industrial gas supply system. The leading products include LNG vehicle refueling station, LNG vehicle and marine as well as industrial gas supply system, LNG storage tank, LNG cryogenic ISO tank container, semi-trailer, cryogenic valves, LNG filling gun and the other components. 

Recently, through the IOT strategy, overseas strategy and merger strategy, Furuise has gradually realized the transformation and upgrading of intelligence and informationization. On this exhibition, Furuise has promoted and exhibited the large volume vehicle cylinder, LNG speed tank system, LNG double pump double filling skid and the other terminal applications. 

According to the policy and the requirements of the national the 13th five-year plan and the air pollution prevention, the LNG speed tank intelligent system developed by Furuise has been the focus on the market. This system has solved the problem in those areas where no gas pipelines are accessible, but also solved the problem of the obvious price difference on the cost between the LNG and the pipeline gas. However, there have been some difficulties accounted during the promotion and application, i.e. in some local governments, there are disputes on the rules of the regasification station as the safety distance is quite demanding on the traditional rules which are hardly to follow for some industrial clients. We believe through the consistent appealing by the far-reaching clients and energy operators, the Speed Tank system will be the next hot pot in the market. 


Besides, Furuise also exhibited the comprehensive management system of the refueling station. The three major technologies originated by the system can build an informationization platform of administration, monitoring, operation and maintenance which can build an example of informationization for the LNG industry. 

Firstly, it is the GIS map (geography information system) which can show the distribution of the stations as well as the information of sales, warning, defaults and so on. It can provide datas for the operators. Said by Mr. Zhao Jiefeng, the Technical Director of Furuise.

Secondly, it can monitor the system and provide service at real-time. The SCADA system is applied with HTML5, SVG, WEBSOCKET technology which can realize he remote controlling cross over the platforms. When any problem is detected, the system can diagnose intelligently immediately and help to solve the problem for the clients to reduce the operational cost. 

Lastly, according to the actual requirements of the medium and small clients, Furuise has developed we chat platform. Through the we chat, the clients are able to check the sales data, equipment operational condition, warning information and so on through which they can analyze and count. The clients can also ask for repairing, task allocation, question consulting, complaint, spare part service and etc through the we chat system.

The comprehensive information management system of the refueling station is allocated in Shanghai Wojin petrol natural gas company and it is planned to promote to the whole country within this year after one-year successful operation. 

Furuise has improved itself on the product and intelligence of the system and meanwhile, Furuise has also invested in the LNGTOP (Jiangsu). LNGTOP is established jointly with IBM and it is the first LNG IOT innovation center in China from where the scheme of Internet+Energy is released. Through the IOT, the operator can collect and manage the operational data, business data of the equipments in the upper and lower level of the industry. The concept is to use the big data platform to provide service to the clients. The value of the business mode and the platform can be maximized in the connection of the IOT and financing products (E-business, financing, leasing). 

LNGTOP is a comprehensive service provider of the LNG industry internet including the IOT platform with big data, BAB E-business Taoqi E-shop, information service, community platform and etc. Based on the IOT technology, and the connection with the three platforms with big data, the system can bring greater benefits. 

The community platform refueling device is developed by LNGTOP in order to meet the demand of the market. This is a kind of APP application installed on the mobile phones. This platform has the storage of information for over 4.8 million LNG vehicles, over 3000 LNG and CNG refueling stations. The APP can also provide the location, contact information, gas price, discount, comments and the other information. The consumers can check the location of the nearest station and the GPS can show the route to the destination. The consumers can have the information at the first hand. 

IOT brings great changes to the LNG industry which enables the consumers can interact with the operators. By taking the advantages of the improvement of the internet, the operational capability of the enterprise can be improved as well which can help to promote the transformation, upgrading and the development of the whole industry. 

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