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Furuise was awarded with the title of honor of “Advanced Unit of Scientific Innovation”


    Recently, Furuise has been awarded with the title of honor of “Advanced unit of scientific and innovation” by the working committee of Zhangjiagang Economic and Development Zone and the management committee of Zhangjiagang Economic and development zone. 
     Furuise has been awarded with this title of honor for 6 times. The care and recognition by the government leaders and friends of all fields as well as the efforts by all the Furuise staff attributes to this honor. Research, development and innovation is always the power of the continuous development of the enterprise. In 2016, Furuise will change the concept of research and development, and will strengthen the technical training to promote the upgrading of the research and development. Furuise will work harder in order to realize the billions Furuise soon. 

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