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Inner rive marine tank of Furuise arrived at the site of the ship owner


8 Jan, the first batch of inner river marine tanks signed with Shanghai Jiahao marine engineering company was successfully delivered. This is the biggest order of inner river LNG marine fuel tanks in the industry in 2014. As the subsidized project by the national finance department and transportation department, this product will be major strategic product in the future years. This product will open a new way to protect the fresh water resources and it will raise the curtain of the environmental economy in the 13th five-year-plan. 
     According to the incomplete statistics, there are over 500,000 ships with diesel engines registered along the Yangtze River. On 1 Jan 2015, strict protective laws and regulations are executed to protect the inner river. LNG ship is the product that is recognized by the country which can save energy, reduce emission and clean the environment. Furuise will keep the concept of technology first, safety first and service first to be committed to make contribution to the application and promotion of the inner river LNG ships. 

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