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2015 Strategic Planning seminar of Furuise succeeded .


In order to seize the present and face the future, to further discuss about the strategic transformation and development, to improve the core competitiveness, Furuise held a 2015 strategic planning seminar on 18 Jan 2015.

     The seminar was hosted by the strategic investment director Meng Weihua. Management, senior and junior management attended this seminar. The seminar discussed about the over development strategy, strategic target and measures to be taken, strategies of each business scope, strategic goals and measures to be executed.

       Firstly, General Manager Huang Feng pointed out that after the diversity of the market in 2014, Furuise had to seek breakthrough from the internal innovation and industrial transformation. Furuise has to keep the customer in mind and make the strategic planning which has to be executed. 

      The strategic investment director Meng Weihui delivered a special report on the development plan of 2015 and measures to be taken which elaborated the expectation of the company and the strategic guidance in details. The persons in charge of each divisions and subsidiaries also made summaries of 2014 and raised the advice on the development strategy, targets, measures and so on. 

       The seminar was very warm and the strategy, plans, targets and measures were discussed from different aspects.

      At last, president Wu Pinfang concluded this seminar and pointed out on the formulation of the strategic target and execution. He concluded: we have to be brave to try the new chances during the industrial transformation, work hard and continue to strive under the strategic targets and measures to realize the billions Furuise. 
      The seminar was closed in the constructive discussion. We believe in the New Year, Furuise will have new developments through the endeavors made by all Furuise staff to encounter the diversity of the market. 

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