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Times elite, Pride of Suzhou



8 July, Co-organized by the talent work leader team of Suzhou, Suzhou Economy and informationization commission, Suzhou science and technology bureau, Suzhou human resource and social security bureau, and the Suzhou science and technology association, the award ceremony of the ten scientific innovation founder of 2016 was held in Suzhou civilization and art center. 

Secretary of the municipal party committee of Suzhou Zhou Naixiang; deputy secretary of the municipal party committee of Suzhou, the deputy mayor of the standing committee Zhou Weiqiang, standing committee member of Suzhou, secretary-general of the minicipla party committee of Suzhou Wang Shaodong; standing committee of Suzhou, secretary of the organization department of the party committee of Suzhou Lu Xin; Deputy secretary of the standing committee of Suzhou Xu Guoqiang; Deputy president of Suzhou’s political consultative committee Xie Min attended the ceremony.

Mr. Wu Pinfang, President of Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as Furuise) was awarded the prize of founder elite. 

Ecology, low carbon and recycling development is the main trend of the development of the energy industry. As the times pioneer, Furuise has been dedicated to the development of LNG industry. Furuise is in the leading position to have the integrated solution to the clean energy (liquefied natural gas). Since the foundation of the company, Furuise has been committed to the research, development and promotion of the clean energy liquefied natural gas industry equipments. Furuise products of LNG chain industry, vehicle engine remanufacturing, oil-to-gas, marine diesel engine to gas, hydrogen energy, IOT, marine sea water desalination as well as the other high level energy equipment business has made up of the advantage of the united industry resource. Furuise has accumulated abundant experience on the products and operation. Furuise is also the service provider on the one-stop LNG industry integrated equipments. Furuise’s products have been applied home and abroad taking the leading market share in the world.

The promotion and wide application of the clean energy liquefied natural gas equipments has gradually changed the energy consumption structure which has brought the clean energy LNG products everywhere to promote environment protection. 

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