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Adjust the energy structure and control the air pollution


Natural gas as the good clean energy is environment friendly, highly efficient, and safe. The emission of the greenhouse gas after combustion is far less than that of petro and coal. Natural gas is considered as the most important green energy in the 21st century. China is under the development of the industrialization and the energy structure is mainly made up of coal and petrol while the other energy takes small ratio. Recently, the haze has been the big problem which has been the focus of the whole society. It is studied that the coal burning and petrol burning is the main reason. According to the successful experience learn from the developed countries, it is a must to promote the clean energy of LNG. Through the adjustment of the energy structure, the energy saving can be realized and air pollution can be controlled.
      According to the Xinhua new agency, the forum on the exchange of the experience on the haze controlling was held in Zhangjiagang. It has been discussed about the change on the environmental policy, natural gas clean energy promotion and boiler transformation from coal to LNG with the experts of the environment protection and representatives from the enterprises in the industry. The forum was a great success. 
       As the leading manufacturer in the LNG equipment industry, Furuise has the integrated LNG chain solution and Furuise has been committed to the development of clean energy and recycling economy. After years of research, development and market promotion, in the boiler transformation from coal to natural gas, Furuise has acquired complete technological solution and mature marketing business mode.

      Mr. Wu Pinfang, President of Furuise pointed out in the welcome speech: these years have been the key time to control the air pollution. We hope in this battle, through the guidance by the government, all the enterprises in this industry shall all participate to increase the promotion of the application of LNG clean energy and bring more highly efficient clean energy solution to the society and end users.

     Mr. Yang Zhaofei, general engineer of the environment protection department pointed out that the local government shall increase the investment in the infrastructure to control the air pollution. Firstly, supply a big amount of clean energy and promote the application. The LNG industry shall be supported more by the government policy. Relevant equipment manufacturers shall provide more clean energy equipments. All these will be the important power in the battle against the air pollution.

    Mr. Yang Jun from the propaganda and education center of the environment protection department emphasized that: the enterprises shall also spend time in the propaganda of the environment protection when developing to promote the green life of the people to work hard and save money, to contribute to the controlling of air pollution for the country.

      Mr. Gao Jian, the senior researcher in the air environment institute of the China environment science research institute pointed out that, according to the requirements of the <Action plan on the air pollution prevention and controlling>, it has to be designed from the legal, technological, scientific research industry; to take measures to adjust the industrial structure and energy structure; to protect the environment through the power from the whole society. Especially for the adjustment energy structure, it has to increase the supply of the clean energy and each cities must have the plan to eliminate the high pollution boilers. 
      Assistant president of Furuise Mr. Li Xinlin emphasized the solution of boiler (coal to gas) and the business promotion mode. Furuise will support the partners to execute the plan. Ninbo Lvyuan natural gas development company, Fujian Pucheng China base energy company, Wuxi Shenneg energy saving boiler company as well as the other enterprises also elaborated the experience and promotion on the natural gas application and the difficulties they are facing which has provided good lessons to the quicker promotion of the natural gas application. 
     On the round table meeting of the “how to fight against the air pollution and carry out the green clean energy application”, it is positioned that LNGTOP will work with IBM to improve the manufacturing and application of LNG by providing the integrated technological solution. 

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