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Working conference on the promotion of <engine remanufacturing promotion plan>


From 27 May to 28 May 2014, the promotion conference of <engine remanufacturing promotion plan> was held in Zhangjiagang led by the national industry and information department, co-organized by China engine industry association, Zhangjiagang municipal government, and Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co.,Ltd. The conference was hosted by Wang Xiaoyang from the energy saving bureau of the industry and information department. Vice director Yang Tiesheng also attended this conference and delivered a speech. Over 150 representatives from relevant departments, local governments, industry associations, research institutions, colleges and enterprises attended this conference.

    This conference aims to carry out the <engine remanufacturing promotion plan (hereinafter referred as plan). The plan is the first policy to associate the <comments on the energy saving and emission reduction of the engine industry by the state department> (hereinafter referred as comments). The plan is the basis of the comments. 
In the conference, leaders from Zhangjiagang municipal government, Jiangsu economic and information committee as well as the other units delivered speeches. Vice director of the energy saving and comprehensive utilization bureau of the industry and information department Yang Tiesheng further emphasized the meaning of accelerating the development of the remanufacturing industry; reported the performance of the key work on the promotion of the mechanical and electrical product remanufacturing. It is requested to further strengthen the industry rules, seek for win-win and execute well the promotion plan. In this speech, it is pointed out that the promotion of the engine remanufacturing with scale, standards, market will help with the improvement on the sustainable development of the engine industry and its related industries, help to form the production and consumption methods of saving and recycling. All units shall work together, shall pay attention to the quality management; shall build the mechanism of rules; shall promote to complete the policies of tax and supervision to build a good policy environment for the engine remanufacturing industry.
Vice secretary in general of the china engine industry association Ge Hong deployed the relevant work on the promotion plan. Secretary in general of china engineering mechanical industry committee Su Zimeng exchanged working experience with Weichai and Furuise on the promotion plan. In the conference, the two subject reports of <monitoring mechanism research on the remanufacturing industry market> and <research on the fiancé and tax policy of the remanufacturing industry> were also discussed. 
In order to carry out the plan, the engine remanufacturing industry union was initiated by China engine industry association and the relevant industry associations as well as remanufacturing demonstrated enterprises. Secretary in general Xin Min read out the <decision to establish the engine remanufacturing industry union>; Vice secretary in general Ge Hong read out the <self-discipline convention on the engine industry remanufacturing industry>. The union members signed the <commitment of responsibility of the demonstration and promotion of the engine remanufacturing>.
In the afternoon of 27th, the union organized a council meeting. The union regulations are passed in the meeting. Xin Min is voted as the director-general; Ye Shengji, Su Zimeng, Hong Xieguo, Nie Lijuan, were voted as the vice director-general; Li Feng, Jiang Boming, Huang Naixu, Bo Xinwen are voted as the executing vice director-general. Ge Hong is voted as the secretary general; Wang Shengbin, Yin Kaisong are voted as the vice secretary general. He Guangyuan, Bao Xuding, Xu Binshi are employed as the consultants; Li Dongru is employed as the expert consultant. 8 companies of Guangdong Minjie component remanufacturing Co.,Ltd, Qianlima engineering machinery group, Shanghai Baixu machinery technology Co.,Ltd, Beijing Chaifa power technology Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Lingang remanufacturing industry development Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Jiao Tong university, Shandong engine research institution, and Wuhan material protection research institute. 
49 member companies delivered speeches about the execution of the union plan and they expressed they would support the execution of the union work and proactively respond to the appealing by the union. The representatives think the establishment of the union is an important start to promote the development of the engine remanufacturing development. Through the platform built, members shall strengthen the technology communication and information sharing, strengthen the cohesion and expand the influence of the union to gather together of the engine remanufacturing industry to promote the development of the remanufacturing industry. 
The union will act as a bridge to proactively promote the standardization of the industry, to gather together of the members, to promote the uplifting of the innovation ability of the enterprise, to organize and coordinate the construction of the demonstration project, technology, product approval, standards formulation and so on to contribute to the development of the recycling economy. 


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