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2014 International forum of Green manufacturing held in Zhangjiagang Jiangsu


At present, there is higher requirement on the manufacturing industry because of the limitation of the global resources and the environment. The green manufacturing becomes the main trend in the global manufacturing industry. In order to reduce the environmental pollution, save the energy during the processes of design, manufacturing and utilization, the China mechanical engineering society, united with the green union, British Institution of Mechanical Engineers, American Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and Hongkong Engineering Group initiated this 2014 green manufacturing international forum which has been successfully held from May 28 to May 30 in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu. With the theme of green manufacturing, the global consensus, this forum is made up of specially invited report conference and 6 other special forums. On 29th and 30th, there are over 10 experts from China, UK, US, Ukraine delivering the speeches. The forum has attracted over 400 technical engineers from the enterprises, research institutions, colleges all over China. 

In the morning of 29th, the opening ceremony of the forum was held in Zhangjiagang. The chairman of the forum, chief supervisor of the china mechanical engineering society, director of the green union expert committee Song Tianhu hosted this forum. Executing Vice chairman of the China mechanical engineering union Xue Yiping and vice mayor of the municipal government of Zhangjiagang Huang Xueyuan delivered the short speech at the opening ceremony. 

Deputy secretary in general of China mechanical industry union, secretary in general of the green union Li Dongru delivered a speech about the Technological development and expectation of the green manufacturing in China which emphasized the research and development status of the green manufacturing industry in China and introduced about the green union work as well as the achievements reached and national policy and so on. 
Professor Steve Evans from British Cambridge University delivered a speech about the future of the industry in the sustainable world that there are a lot of opportunities and challengers in the manufacturing industry, and the manufacturers shall improve the energy efficiency, strengthen the internationalization, actively participate in the global cooperation under the limitation of the global resources and environment to change the manufacturing system to realize the sustainable manufacturing with ecological benefits. 
Professor Li Weidong from Coventry university delivered a speech of the research on the development of the digital and sustainable manufacturing indicating that the future manufacturing shall start from the greenization of the product life cycle, through the cooperative design, optimization of the processing, fast modeling, as well as the other technology to monitor and optimize the utilization and emission of the energy/carbon to further promote the innovative development of the sustainable manufacturing. 
Predisent of Beijing Shenwu Group Doctor Wu Daohong delivered a speech of the develop the advance the combustion technology and promote the development of green industry which introduced the 3rd generation combustion technology with the core technology of heat accumulation high temperature air combustion and the direct restoring iron making technology from which 8 energy saving and emission reduction technologies are developed and successfully promoted. This technology is applied n the coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, fire power generation, iron making, color metal and so on which has improved the combustion efficiency of the energy and reduced the pollution emission to realize the clean production. 
Academician Volodymyr Kovalenko from Ukraine delivered a speech of the research and application of the laser green manufacturing technology introducing the research achievement and application in the laser manufacturing field. The self developed laser power material, ultrasonic laser sediment, electromagnetic cooperative laser processing, laser combination added manufacturing as well as the compound strengthening technology which has solved the problem of deformation. Meanwhile, the developed equipments have been put into operation that has realized the industrialization. 
Professor Steven Skerlos from Michigan University delivered a speech of promotion of the system optimization and the sustainable manufacturing of the technical technology. It pointed out there are four important factors in the sustainable development of the manufacturing, i.e. economy, environment, society, function, based on which, two viewpoints were raised, one is the lifetime evaluation which combines the market information; the other is the optimization of the system. 
Professor Chen Hansong from China Science of Geosciences delivered a speech predicting that the hydrogen technology realizes green manufacturing. The application of hydrogen technology will make the fundamental reform on the global energy structure which will realize the storage and transportation of hydrogen to reduce the cost of material and equipments without producing waste. The perspective is extremely wide. 
Professor Han Guoqiang from Liverpool University delivered a speech of overview of the sustainable manufacturing in UK which described the frame of the manufacturing energy analyzing the energy consumption related to the machine tool and listed the excellent green manufacturing examples such as cooperative production chain to realize the high efficient utilization of energy and resources. It also elaborated the development status and advance technology in the sustainable field in UK. 
Vice director of the Mechanical Science research institute Shan Dezhong delivered a speech of the current status and the future development of the forming process and equipments of the  mechanical industry green manufacturing. It introduced the current status of the forming process and equipments of the green manufacturing as well as the developing trend of the forming manufacturing technology of non-module and fast development; sophistication and compound; digital and new intelligent. 

Technical manager of IP Group Plc Doctor Robert Tresona delivered a speech of the support and market development of the green technological innovation describing the challenges that the innovative enterprises would face during the product development, investment, share and financing. He also shared experience in his company which will help to further expand the green manufacturing market. 

The chairman of the forum, chief supervisor of China mechanical engineering society, and director of the green union expert committee Song Tianhu delivered a conclusive speech of the science and technology leads to the future. It reviewed the main contents in the conferences and forum and pointed out that the construction of the integrated system is the guarantee of the promotion of green manufacturing; the 5 steps of the mechanical engineering greenization is the efficient support on the promotion of green manufacturing; the execution of the standards and approval of the energy administration system is the effective measure to promote the green manufacturing. 
In the afternoon of 29th, 48 experts from home and abroad delivered speeches in the 6 special subject forums of green design and evaluation, green manufacturing process, power evaluation and uplifting, equipment and component remanufacturing, wasted electrical device reutilization, green manufacturing technical standard. Representatives attending also discussed with these exports on different areas and topics. 

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